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The V’Amp is a combined voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) and ring modulator (A.K.A. ring “mod”), with a little bit extra. While typical ring mod devices are designed specifically for frequency mixing, the V’Amp allows you to not only change the degree of the mixing and the level of the bleed through, but can also be used as a VCA at the same time. The mixing can be varied from VCA (carrier only), into ring mod, then out of ring mod into inverting VCA (inverted carrier).

Mod1 is the modulator. Envelope and Mod2 should be thought of as VCA (AM) inputs, but separate. Envelope is a straight VCA control voltage (CV) input, while Mod2 is an attenuated/variable CV input.

The morphing of the Mod1 function is not fully controllable by CV and must be varied using the knob to access the full range of variation. However, experimentation has shown that a control voltage applied to the second Mod1 input can be used to voltage-control a small range of the function morphing.

As with all f(h) products, the V’Amp was engineered towards maximizing functionality while keeping cost as low as possible. If some aspects of the unit seem awkward, it is most likely due to this. The goal is to make unique, useful, enjoyable, and affordable instruments, not just drain your bank account, so each module requires a little patience and experimentation before their secrets become apparent.


  • Supply Voltage: ±12VDC
  • Supply Current (max draw @ ±12V): IV+= 33mA IV-= -11mA
  • Max. Input Voltage (@ ±12V): 10Vp-p
  • Max. Output Voltage: 12Vp-p
  • Input & Output (I/O) coupling: A.C.
  • Output Impedance: 1kΩ
  • Control Voltage (CV) inputs: ±Vsupply
  • CV input coupling: Direct
  • CV input impedance: 47kΩ
  • Panel size: 8HP