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The Choices joystick module was designed to pack as much utility in as little space as possible while keeping the price low, keeping it firmly within the design philosophy of f(h). Here are the basic features and uses:

Moving the joystick operates two 100k potentiometers simultaneously, providing a buffered DC Control Voltage (CV) to the outputs; the X output varies with horizontal motion, the Y with vertical motion.


  • Switched phone jacks disconnect the internal control connection from the power supply to the jack when an external signal is connected to an input.
  • Handles both DC and AC signals: Each axis has a toggle switch to set the reference calibration for either type.
  • Scale control to adjust output magnitude, from 0 to 200%.
  • Offset control – A.K.A. Bias – to shift signal DC level by up to ±5V.
  • Separate Gate and Trigger outputs.
  • Dual trigger buttons, so that one is in easy reach no matter what orientation the panel is in or whether you are left- or right-handed.
  • User-accessible trim pots to allow you to fine-tune the biasing to your needs.
  • Adjustable joystick preload, meaning that you can adjust the amount of force required to move the joystick around.
  • Current Consumption: 160mA
  • Panel size: 14HP