Flight of Harmony POWER

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POWER is a 10hp power supply for Eurorack systems, has outputs of ±12VDC at 1A each, on/off switch, and indicator LED’s for each rail. The mounting depth is 40mm (1 9/16″). It uses a 12VAC wall adapter (not included) to keep the transformer outside of the rack and avoid hum and magnetic coupling issues. Includes 13″ Doepfer-style 18AWG wire harness with quick-connect connectors.

This one is pretty strait forward: a power supply for your modular synthesizer rig. No sweet spots, no Easter eggs, it just makes juice.

POWER was designed with portable racks in mind – shallow depth, reduced weight, and keeping the main transformer outside of the case to eliminate related noise and heat – but it can be used to supply any compatible system.

POWER requires a standard AC wall adapter rated for 1 Ampere (AKA 1 Amp, 1A, 1000mA), as is the POWER module itself. For best performance, you should never run POWER at its maximum rating. A 60% load (600mA) is the practical limit for best performance. If you need/want to run it up to 75% or 80%, a greater capacity adapter is needed to maintain performance. Adapters get hotter as more power is drawn from them, which increases the internal resistance and thusly reduces performance. A 1500mA rated adapter is recommended. The adapter plug must be a 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 9.5mm barrel-type plug.

Please note: POWER comes without an external power supply unit.


  • Module depth: 40mm (1 9/16″)
  • Input voltage: 12VAC
  • Maximum current output: I(v+) = 1A I(V-) = -1A
  • Output voltage: ±12VDC
  • Panel size: 10HP