µPlaits SE (uPlaits, microPlaits) [Rev B]



µPlaits SE is a voltage-controlled sound source offering direct access to a large palette of easily tweakable raw sonic material generated by models spanning a wide range of synthesis techniques.

This re-engineered Eurorack module miniaturizes and redesigns the original Mutable Instruments Plaits, reducing its size from 12HP to 8HP and rearranging its front panel layout.

Fully compatible with upstream Plaits firmware. Includes power cable, mounting hardware, and a one-year warranty. Designed and built with care by Tall Dog Electronics in Western Massachusetts. Licensed CC BY-SA 4.0 open source hardware.



  • width: 8HP
  • depth: 43mm
  • power: +12V 50mA (average), -12V 5mA (average)

Additional information


Silver, Black