Strong Zero Core


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16-pin DIP IC chip — a digital VCO core replacement that works with any Furthrrrr Generator –  that expands the Furthrrrr Generator with linear thru-zero FM for obtaining new timbres – deeper, metallic timbres, entirely new sphere of sounds from light whistles to weird noises.

The strong zero VCO core is a digital oscillator core for the Furthrrrr-Generator which is inserted as a replacement of the original analog one, thus making precise and brilliant FM possible.


The new core is a PCB with an encapsulated chip which has a digital and thus very stable oscillator circuitry which is of importance for clean FM. The chip replaces the core of the carrier section – the old one just needs to be removed and the new one to be inserted.

With a jumper on the Furthrrrr Generator’s PCB you can select between linear and exponential FM.