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Although named after the alien spacecraft that was supposedly being reverse engineered by Bob Lazar at area 51, the title doesn’t really describe it’s functionality that well…

Each section can be:


– a VC lag that can be made to hold state on command that can be put into cycle mode as well, giving a wide-range VC linear triangle LFO that ranges from around 500-600 Hz to 30 seconds or so per cycle.


– a sample and hold with controllable input slew [or sample ‘correlation’] with very impressive hold time – the control input is the same [‘s/h’ in the drawing]. When cycle is selected in Hold mode, the section will generate complex staircase waveforms that are synced to input pulses… [BTW the input signal doesn’t have to be a pulse, but just about any rising slope – this was done to allow for even more inter-compatibility between the 2 sections].

Finally, the unlabeled jack in the middle is a gate output that compares the top section’s output with the bottom. This was heavily inspired by the serge ‘smooth/ stepped generator’ but expands on it by offering dual mode operation, much wider control range and improved ‘end’ functionality [more on this soon].


  • Current Consumption: estimated at between 25-35mA
  • Low profile; behind-panel depth of unit is less than 1 1/2″
  • Panel size: 12HP