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6 channel cv/audio mixer with 3 bus outputs and full digital control of muting patterns – the Mutamix is the successor to the now discontinued Mutagen module.


  • 6 led linear sliders for input attenuation control (leds can be easily replaced with other colors, they just slide out)
  • jumpers to select pseudo log curve (instead of linear)
  • all muting realised via vcas opening/closing
  • 6 audio/cv inputs
  • 6 mute/function inputs (depends on mode)
  • 6 three way bus routing switches
  • 3 audio/cv bus outputs
  • 2 linear master output level controls
  • 6 control buttons + status led
  • header to normal hexvca output to the 6 inputs (same as mutagen)
  • skiff friendly
  • width: 18HP