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The modDemix consist of 2 identical direct coupled balanced modulator circuits that may be used together or individually to process audio or control signals by means of amplitude modulationsingle-sideband, ring modulation, voltage controlled amplification/ attenuation, voltage controlled polarization or multiplication. Both of the circuits feed a summing stage (the circuit for which was taken from the QMMG), which thus allows the module to be used as a voltage controlled mixer. An AUXiliary IN allows for the stacking of multiple units to create larger mixes. An attenuator at the Carrier/ Control INput allows for setting the strength or level of the incoming signal. When performing ring modulation, adjusting the strength of the Carrier will alter the integrity of the resulting modulated or demodulated signal, thus affecting the timbre and to a lesser degree the amplitude. When using the modDemix in all other ways, the Strength control will be directly related to the amplitude of the resulting signal.

The balanced modulator circuit used within the modDemix is unique in that it will, with ease, turn OFF around zero volts at the Carrier/ Control INput, a characteristic that makes the circuit behave very well as a VCA. The use of LEDs allows for very fast dynamics processing, low noise, gives the circuit it’s own sonic fingerprint and provides visual feedback of processing. With 8 LEDs packed into a small 6hp module, modDemix gives MAX BLINKENLIGHTS


  • Current Consumption: 28mA at +/-12V
  • Panel size: 6HP