M 676 Tube Synth/Filter/FX


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In rare moments of clarity we’ve long glimpsed a brutish dream burning in the solder smoke: A compact valve synth’ capable of the specular analog displays that make high voltage tubes essential for any serious electronic music aficionado. Now the low hanging fruits of these labors are within reach & truly rotten to the core;

M-Series 676 “Fury” features:

  •  All Analog Circuit
  •  2 Main-Oscillators
  • 2 Amplifiers
  • 2 Unique Filter/FX parameters (Drive & Modulation)
  • Input for use with other audio elements
  • 5 Modular compatible CV inputs for patchable parameter control
  • 1 Medium Frequency Control Oscillator: Track
  • 3 Stabilizer Switches (on for stability, off for mayhem)
  • Slovakian Max. Gain, Twin-Triode Vacuum Tube run at high voltage

Yes: “high voltage”—no small task for a euro module. Reason being: even the best euro format power supplies were never intended for providing “B+” (arcane engineer speak denoting High Voltage feed for vacuum tubes). Rather than compromise both the operating specs of the tube & capacity of your modular’s power supply the M Series 676 requires it’s own dedicated supply. Simply plug the recommended wall-wart, give the tube a few seconds to warm up & voila! Tangled in wires already? We get it, and in addition to the power jack on the face there’s another hidden on the rear of the module should you want to get crafty to keep things clean. The advantage is twofold: no capacity is taken from your existing supply and the vacuum tube employed is a common model in current production (so there is no worry should it require replacement after many years of faithful service).

Like any Trogotronic worth its salt the 676 Fury’s functions are not conservative… Meaning, while there are two Main Oscillators, other parts of the circuit can command more complicated frequencies in an intuitive manner. Similarly the Main Oscillators themselves may be applied as filters serving to broaden the utility of the instrument even more so. With regard to BOTH mayhem AND stability 676 Fury’s switch settings offer different parameter reactions: Toggles “down” Oscillators & Track navigate pitch black F-5 electron turbulence; Switched UP same controls “play nice” in crimson livery with accordance to classical form.

The sound? Curiously akin to R. Lee Ermey switching on the kilowatt floods & screaming through an Orange Full-stack set to “11” first thing the morning after an all-night gin bender; i.e. relentless punishment applied to all head-holes within audio range. Add to this the inclusion of 5 CV inputs compatible with sequencers, envelopes etc. and this little box may well become a classic in its own right; “May the Gods save us from this menace; girls and mothers—dress our Fury now in blood-red robes!”

NB: you need to purchase a seperate power supply to run this module – please press link below for recommended supply:

PSU Order Code: L54BR


  • Module depth: 85mm
  • External AC-AC 12V 3A PSU
  • Panel size: 14HP