M 666 Analog Synth/Filter/FX


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The plug and perform simplicity of Trogotronic’s stand-alone Triple Six synth has been carefully distilled into Eurorack format by hirsute hands – creating a truely brutal noise and distortion module marked by the devil himself. Designed as a single module as powerful as an expensive array of traditional VCO/VCF/VCA modules patched together. While no compromise to the true spirit of the original circuit has been afforded – this is one of the most compatible Eurorack instruments available with a generous array of 9 distinct control voltage inputs:

  •  2 for Twin Oscillators Freq.
  • 1 for Threshold (Osc. Gate/Selection/Etc.)
  • 4 for Twin Amplifiers (FX/2nd Osc.)
  • 1 for Signal Shape parameter (filter)
  • 1 for Output Drive parameter
  • Plus audio input (modulation/filter/etc)

Added into the Euro-Format bargain are three additional new controls not available on the original:

  • Shape-Knob
  • Patch-Knob
  • Three-way Patch Switch

In essence it is quite possible that this one module alone, placed under the control of up to 9 separate sequenced CV channels, could sound like someone slipped a C4 charge into Tonto’s “expanding headband”.


  • Module depth: 50mm
  • Power connector: Standard Doepfer 16 pin
  • Current Consumption: +/- 12 volts@125mA
  • Panel size: 14HP