Lúbadh USB expander


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The Lúbadh V2.0 firmware pack includes everything you need to get started with the new update. Plug and play!

A 2HP expander module introduces front access to the Lúbadh’s USB port for extra convenience accessing the new preset functionalities in addition to saving and loading audio samples on the fly.

Included is a new USB drive (8GB) which contains the Instruō sample library containing 144 samples produced by the team.

There is also a replacement micro SD card included which is pre-flashed with the V2.0 base firmware. This upgrades a Lúbadh module immediately.


  • USB expander module
  • USB cable
  • 8GB (white) USB drive containing the Instruō sample library
  • microSD card pre-flashed with the V2.0 firmware
  • V2 quick-start guide


  • width: 2hp
  • power: no current draw