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Matter plug-ins expand, direct or change the function of Matter and allow for a greater level of experimentalism and possibility. You’ll discover that, though unlabeled, some of the trigger points can be used as audio inputs to allow for internal manipulation.

This is a two part system: First the plug-in inserts into the headers on Matter, then any one of the cards is inserted into the card slot.

Set 1 includes the main plug-in and 7 cards.

Included Cards and their functions:

  • SOOT: Multi-oscillator drone generator, voltage control of one VCO. Controls for pitch and shape.
  • GRANULES: brings the headers back to the front. Using a number of Granules you can “save” patched and still be able to edit them by re-patching.
  • PEBBLES: Solder sports for established fixed connections and making own presets.
  • CONDUIT: Touch pads which make your body interact with the circuitry.
  • Allows for dirty resonant filtering of external signals. Contains to unjust filter controls and one level control
  • SAND: Connects eight specific patch points with sockets and has four sound controls. Works with CVs and Gates.
  • DUST: Connects eight specific patch points with sockets and has three sound controls. Works with CVs and Gates.

Note: Many of the functions can be created without the use with the cards, just by re-patching with the miniature cables and using a Resist module. But the cards allow for way quicker operation, faster changes of functionality and are more or less function macros.

Folktek will be making the cards open source and will provide the EAGLE files so anyone who has the know-how and wants to create their own, or create them and offer them for sale independantly, is encouraged to do so.