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Utility module – Banana to minijack

Euro Bananas is a 6HP passive adaptor Eurorack module; it provides adaptation between 3.5mm jacks and 4mm banana sockets and is intended to provide a simple interface between Eurorack (3.5mm) and banana-based synths. It can be used alongside CVGT1 where Euro Bananas can interface the signals that don’t need level conversion and CVGT1 does the more complicated stuff.

Euro Bananas has six 3.5mm jack to 4mm banana signal channels and one ground banana (black); the ground banana is connected to each of the 3.5mm jack grounds. The ground connection is required when connecting Eurorack to banana-based synths to maintain a common voltage reference (without it you will get unpredictable results).

Module width: 6HP
Module depth: 12mm
Current drain: 0mA (passive)