11 years ago Tony Steventon of Synovatron and David Crawforth of PostModular met with other enthusiasts to discuss innovative design ideas. A name was needed for the resulting prototype designs and SYNTAX emerged as a possible name. Then life took over and time flew by.

When Tony spoke to David about his retirement plans, SYNTAX was re-visited as a potential brand that could take forward the Synovatron legacy and manufacture the CVGT1 to the high standards that Tony set. They collaborated on setting up the manufacturing process for the CVGT1, with an emphasis on continuing with high quality parts and local manufacturing for the CVGT1 – with David running SYNTAX and Tony in the background as design consultant.

As well as the CVGT1, SYNTAX is releasing fully built and tested versions of some of the utility module designs that Synovatron supplies as kits and fully built modules – Euro BananasTrunks & Mults, and Jacks.

Design is about making choices and with modular systems these are mainly about functionality and usability – how you access sounds, organise your work-flow – basically how you interact with your instrument. With this in mind SYNTAX will continue to provide new ideas and new slants on some older ideas with the end user in mind – driving a synth should be fun!
SYNTAX is based in the south of England and manufactures a number of fully built and tested Eurorack modules, made in England.