Big Honking Button


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It is a lovely day in the studio and you have captured a horrible goose and put it into your synthesizer.

Big Honking Button is, well, a big button that honks. Okay- okay, before you run away- it’s actually a simple sampler in a very silly package. It has pitch CV, gate in, gate out, and you can store up to 8 MB of samples on it. You can choose between several button colors and a black or white panel.

Out of the box, Big Honking Button will give you a nice “HONK!” every time you press that delicious button. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can easily connect this module to your computer with a standard USB cable and it’ll show up as a teeny tiny external drive. You can then put your own samples onto it and customize its behavior to your heart’s content – because it runs CircuitPython!


  • width: 8hp
  • depth: 32mm
  • power: +25 mA, -5 mA

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Additional information

Panel colour

White, Black

Button colour

Red, Blue, Pink, Purple