Z5000 VC DSP multi-effect


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Multi-effect processors have been used for years to post-process sounds generated by analog synths, providing harmonies, delay, and reverb. Here, for the first time in an analog modular synthesizer format, is a multi-effect processor that has been specially designed for use deep with the actual process of creating synth sounds and timbres. The z5000 is an analog-controlled digital module that fits perfectly at the heart of any analog system, bringing new and original patch options and sound manipulation capabilities. The results are exciting, progressive sounds and timbres created and enhanced by a powerful dsp engine running 16 FFT algorithms of 24-bit digital audio.

As an integrated synthezier module, the z5000 makes post-processing modular synth sound in both mono and stereo as easy as it can possibly be. No more long cables with phone jack adapters running to external multi-effects processors and no more clipping from un-matched signal levels. Because the z5000 is designed to handle “hot” modular signals with up to 16Vpp of headroom before clipping, it can be integrated into a system like any other module and going directly from any signal generator directly to the multi-effect processor is effortless.

z5000: The power of voltage controlled digital signal processing seamlessly integrated into an analog package!


  • Current consumption: 160mA
  • Panel size: 14HP