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The Z-DSP is a stereo DSP processor, with 24-bit sampling, 15khz of bandwidth, voltage controlled parameters, and has the ability to be programmed with a powerful assembly language – all in Eurorack format. It gives you all the tools you need to control and manipulate digital effects to explore the new sonic spectrum of DSP, including; VC digital parameters, VC Mix/Dry, manual and sequential program switching and a pair of VC Feedback-loop path with exposed patch points that lets you insert the rest of your modular inside the DSP process.

The Z-DSP lets you go far beyond ordinary processing, breaking the rules and allowing you to patch right into the heart of the DSP chip, through the clock input, for some digital madness.  Let your fingers explore the knobs, let your synth explore the VC. Dial up a stereo delay, only to have your sequencer switch it automatically to a multi-tap at the start of the next measure. And when you’re done shifting time, switch to a cartridge full of filters for multi-filter processing like you’ve never heard. Or explore a block of digital oscillators, or …   The Z-DSP… the only true limitless module in your rack.


  • Current Consumption: 130ma max @ +12V, 36ma @ -12V
  • Panel size: 28HP