vulcan modulator


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The design of this module is parallel to that of the Dalek Modulator, except that the VCOs are low frequency (2 ranges- low audio & very low LFO) and the output section offers 10 different combinations of the two oscillators waveforms: sine (x2), triangle/saw (x2), square/pulse (x2), sum, difference, minimum & maximum.

The waveforms from each oscillator that feed into the four combined outputs can be selected via jumpers on the back of the module. This allows for a total of 30 possible waveform variants.

This module was designed with the specific purpose of providing the maximum modulation possibilities in a single package.


  • Inputs: Each VCLFO has CV modulation of frequency with attenuation.
  • Outputs: Each VCLFO has outputs for sine, triangle and square wave.
  • Also on offer are outputs for min, max, sum and difference of the two VCLFOs.
  • Controls: Each VCLFO has controls for frequency, horizontal symmetry, hi/lo (low and very low) speed selection, and CV modulation attenuation.
  • Current Consumption: 80mA
  • Ships with Doepfer-style power connector.
  • Panel size: 14 HP/TE