frequensteiner multimode filter


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This authorized exclusive re-release of the SYNTHASYSTEM multimode filter differs from the Synthacon’s by incorporating a unique resonation circuit and an expanded diode ladder. In keeping with it’s initial design, the Livewire FrequenSteiner incorporates all discrete components in the filter core (no ICs) and a single input that is switch selectable for low, band or highpass output taps.

Livewire worked closely with Nyle Steiner on the modern adaptation of this classic design and the FrequenSteiner VCF is the first of a series of planned re-releases from Nyle’s legendary SYNTHASYSTEM modular.


  • Inputs: Audio signal input, 2x CV frequency modulation
  • inputs with attenuation.
  • Outputs: Filtered signal output.
  • Controls: Signal input volume, 2x CV modulation attenuators, frequency, resonance and LP/BP/HP selection rotary.
  • Current Consumption: 10mA
  • Ships with Doepfer-style power connector.
  • Panel size: 16 HP/TE