audio frequency generator


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Outside, the AFG presents the user with extensive panel controls for maximum flexibility and usability… inside, the pure analogue circuitry adheres to a strict design philosophy rooted in mid-1970s technology and construction techniques.


  • 8 simultaneous waveform outputs
  • A total of 27 distinct waveforms are possible
  • Sub-octave with switchable square or sawtooth waveforms
  • Unique Animated Pulse & Alien Saw waveforms
  • Programmable ‘Natural’ or ‘Laboratory’ sine wave modes
  • Alternate waveform set is activated on all outputs simultaneously with Matter/Anti-Matter switch
  • Select between 2 different Anti-Matter waveform sets via pcb jumper
  • 9 CV inputs, each with dedicated attenuators, with the exception of the two 1v/oct inputs
  • 2 FM inputs, both switchable between linear & exponential
  • Dedicated sync in/out
  • Panel size: 28HP