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Triple Attenuator | Inverter | Attenuverter | Mixer | DC Voltage Source

Voltage Control

Sometimes you just need a quick audio mixer; a voltage offset; a CV mixer; an attenuator; an attenuverter; or just a voltage. Mix and match to your needs.

Try Where It’s At

This is a utility module we found ourselves always needing and using. The three well spaced knobs can act as active attenuators, bipolar attenuverters, and inverting attenuators depending on the setting of the three-position switches.

With nothing plugged into the jacks, each knob controls a voltage amount. This is great for setting up “performance macros” in your patch to control multiple parameters with a single knob. This is because each input is normalled to a 5V or 10V DC voltage for each channel, selectable via jumpers on the back of the module.


  • Multifunctional Active/Buffered Attenuator/Attenuverter/Inverter/Mixer with external signals
  • 3 Modes for each channel (Positive, Negative, Bipolar)
  • 5v/10v Normalling to inputs
  • Skiff friendly

Specs + Downloads

Width 6HP
Depth 24mm
Power 14mA @ -12V
16mA @ 12V
Manual Manual (2018.09.13)
Firmware No Firmware
ModularGrid ModularGrid