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Hi-quality 6 channels, 2 bus stereo mixer

SUMMINGFACILITY is a high quality 6 channels, 2 buses stereo mixer in Eurorack format. Every input channel has gain and level controls, 2 aux send and active pan control. Master and aux send buses can be independently muted on channels.

Input and output circuitry offers plug and play balanced and unbalanced connections capabilities.
All gain stages deliver up to 12 dB to ensure the best interaction with modular and non modular equipment.

Master section offers output level control, aux send outputs level control and 2 return channels with gain, active pan and mute from master bus. Master bus offers 22 Vpp of headroom providing plenty of dynamic range for busy mixes.

The unit is pointed toward obtaining the lowest noise and best performance possible. Every input has a status led to indicate signal level after gain stage.
Master bus output is monitored by 2 Analog Vu-Meters (scale is tuned for 0 dB @ 15 Vpp, freely adjustable by the user).


    – 6 fully balanced input channels w/ gain, volume, panorama, 2 aux send, independent mute for master & aux buses
    – 2 aux send outputs w/ ground cancelling circuitry
    – 2 fully balanced aux return Input w/ gain, panorama & independent master bus muting
    – Stereo master output w/ ground cancelling circuitry & 22 Vpp of headroom available
    – Modern Op Amps
    – 0.5% thin film resistors
    – Wima & Panasonic caps
    – 4 layer PCB (designed for best EMI/EMC)
    – Reverse powering protection
    – width 38 HP
    – depth 32 mm behind the panel (Skiff friendly)
    – 220 mA +12V, 220 mA -12V, 0 mA 5V



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