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version II

2×6 channels mixer for audio & CV signals, individual OUTs

2 x 6 CH high end AUDIO & CV MIXER

Superb sweet sounding audio quality

Low distortion, low noise, low feedthrough

DC coupled for use as ATTENTUATORs

Flexible routing for mono, stereo, 6- or 12 channels

Overload indicator for output

B-ch IN normalized to A-ch IN

Individual OUTs for channel 1-4

VOLUME sliders with gain of 2

version II updates:

IO Instruments have taken the opportunity to incorporate a few user requested improvements to the design:

  • the signals of the 4 direct outputs on channel A and B now can be switched to be included/excluded from the channel sum. This is being achieved by a jumper on the back of the module per channel 1-4.
     In the old design a plugged direct output signal would always been excluded from the channel sum.
  • they have changed the fader characteristics from linear to exponential. Whereas linear works well for CV and audio signals, users have requested a more ‘audio mixer’ like behaviour when mixing especially audio signals. 
    The new faders still have the same transit length and operate smoothly. A nice add on: the faders now include dust covers as well.  🙂
  • even though this now comes as an better version of itself, IO Instruments do not think the improvements justify it to be called a ‘MK II’ series. So they kept the same frontplate design.
    To differentiate between the two versions, they have updated the color scheme of the faders and knobs. So we’ll just call it ‘version II’!


  • 90 mA +12V
  • 82 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 25 mm deep
  • width: 20 HP