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The router is a 8 step sequential switch for euro format systems. It features 8 bipolar input/outputs and one common bipolar input/output. There are clock, reset, direction and hold inputs used to drive the movement and direction of the sequence. There is also a gate output section for triggering the router’s functions as well as any other gate duties in your system.

Sequential switches can be the centerpiece in sequencing systems, or an amazing utility module in any system! They can be used for complex modulation routing based on sequenced events, which opens up a new world of possibilities. Any combination of fixed voltages, envelopes, LFOs, audio rate oscillators, noise, and any other modulation source can be routed from the router to any modulation destination you can think of!

Since the router has 8 steps rather than the typical 3 or 4 of other sequential switches, you have more rhythmic options as well. You can choose which I/Os are used and which ones are not to get the rhythm you are looking for. In addition, a hold input was included to be able to halt the movement completely when active. This doesn’t disable the routing function so it can be used for one-shot sequences with an unused step at the end, focused routing to create song sections, and can also be used to quickly offset the step number creating more variation when clocked with other sequencers.

Patching with the router can go anywhere your set of modules and your imagination can go! All of these possibilities in a comfortable 10hp package make the router a great choice for your switching tasks!

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clock, reset, direction and hold input threshold ~ +1.2v
clock frequency tested up to ~30kHz with 50% duty cycle square wave
I/O 1-8 and common input/outputs, dc coupled
gate outputs when active ~ +11v

supply voltage: +/-12v, 5v not used
current draw: +20mA, -10mA

width: 10hp
depth: 47.2mm, with connector