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Arbitrary Function Generator

The 250e Arbitrary Function Generator features 16 stages, each of offers direct and immediate access to control and timing voltages.

Each stage stores the values of two control voltages, which are set using an array of 16 potentiometers. Time values are adjusted with a parallel array of smaller potentiometers, which can also provide a third control voltage. Control voltages and times may be interpolated, quantized, or replaced with externally applied voltages for the selected stages.

Stages may be stepped through (advanced) via the internal clock, externally applied pulses, or via MIDI clock; variable subdivisions are supported.

Two programmable pulse outputs are included, as well as a facility for voltage control of stage position. Loop counters are associated with each stage; loops can be nested to any level.

The current stage number is indicated by a circular array of orange LEDs; edit position is indicated with blue LEDs. Editing can be performed while the sequencer is running.

250e settings can be stored and recalled using the 225e or 206e Preset Manager.