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Pulsar Generator

A fully-featured pulsar synthesizer for the Eurorack modular system. Using principles adopted from the Curtis Roads white-paper Sound Composition with Pulsars, Plume presents an approach to sound and rhythm that is somewhere between oscillator, granulator, and clock generator.

In pulsar synthesis, sounds are constructed from a combination of events known as pulsarets and rests—the relationship of which within the driving fundamental frequency can yield a variety of formant and subharmonic sounds. Plume’s Formant control effectively allows you to dial in the duty cycle of pulsarets, while Cluster can stack multiple single-cycle waveforms into one pulsar. Then with the Shape and Fold control, you can morph timbres for even more sonic variety.

To round out the pulsar synthesis feature set, Plume also offers Masking parameters. In Burst mode, two sliders are used to define a ratio of bursts to rests: 1–7 and 0–6 respectively. In Stochastic mode, these sliders become probability and panning controls. There’s also an option to apply amplitude windows over pulsars, giving you more nuance in the timbres that Plume can produce. Plume operates in a similar way to granular synthesis, but instead of using samples, it uses synthesized waveforms that are treated as individual pulses.

Think of it as a kind of micro sound oscillator. Plume’s shape control lets you switch between seven waveforms, from smooth sine waves to gritty white noise. The Fold control adds wavefolding to your Pulsar waves, ideal for West Coast-style synthesis. You can also adjust burst and rest ratios, and use pan and stochastic masking modes to add depth and randomness to your stereo field.


·96kHz/24-bit stereo outputs.

·Range switch (HI/LO) for use as VCO, LFO, or both.

·Formant and Cluster controls for complex output spectra.

·Continuously variable output wave shapes.

·West-Coast style wave folder.

·2 types of output masking for advanced spatialisation.

·Continuously variable pulsar window shape and amount.


·Width: 18hp

·Depth: 25mm

·Power consumption: +12v 135mA /-12v 15mA


·User Manual



·Curtis Roads – ‘Sound Composition with Pulsars’