mmMidi (ALM023)


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MIDI to CV interface

The mmMidi is a simple & compact MIDI to CV interface for your Eurorack synthesiser. It translates both MIDI clock and 2 Channels of MIDI note, velocity and gate information to corresponding voltage control signals. The mmMidi is quick to set up and requires minimal configuration. 

The mmT is an optional 3HP expander which connects directly to the mmMidi. It maps a third MIDI channel’s key presses to 8 trigger/gate outputs as shown on the mmT front panel. 

Easily control a couple of synth voices, sync euro clocks to your MIDI clock and trigger drum or sample modules with optional expander.


  • Dual channel conversion of MIDI note, velocity and gate signals.
  • Convert MIDI clock signals out into modular signals to sync Pam etc.
  • Setup & configure in under a minute.
  • Includes TRS-DIN (Type B) adapter for DIN MIDI cable connection.
  • Easy firmware update via SYSEX upload.
  • Optional mmT expander maps keys presses to 8 gate/trigger outputs
  • Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
  • Made in England.

tech specs:

  • Power: +12V 30mA / -12V 0mA
  • Size: 4HP
  • Depth: 38mm
  • MIDI response latency: 200-400 uSec
  • Resolution: 12Bit 0-8V CV outputs. +5v Gates



Watch & Learn

mmMidi – Patching up a simple track
mmMidi – Simple setup and configuration
mmMidi – How to set up Midi Clock sync to Pam

mmMidi  is a great way to add MIDI control to any ALM modules. In particular it makes Pamela’s New Workout very simple to sync to a MIDI clock. The ‘mmT’ expander provides 8 trigger outputs and works great with the Squid Salmple .