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LFO section

Waveform: controlled/morphed manually via potentiometer or CV. Morphs from Pulse (20-50-90%) -> Sinus (720°) -> Ramp (720°) -> Triangle (680°)

Tempo: controlled via potentiometer or CV. Center of potentiometer at: 4Hz +/- 8 Oktaves

Repeats: controlled via potentiometer and reset in. Can be adjusted from 1-14 repeats and endless loop (takes effect after reset in)

ADSR-Mix: ADSR can be mixed onto LFO with potentiometer

Sample and Hold:  LFO can be switched into S&H mode 

Offset:  can be toggled btw -5V to +5V and 0 to +10V via switch

Input:  1xCV for waveform, 1xCV for tempo, 1xReset 

Output: LFO has one positive and one negative CV output

Manual Trigger: one button to reset LFO (shared with ADSR)

ADSR section

Curve: continous exponentiell to linear response, controlled via potentiometer

Ratchets: 16 different multi repeats of attacks, controlled via Attack and Decay sliders

Loop:  loop mode from Attack to Release, controlled via switch

Freeze: all settings get freezes to keep exact positions

Control:  4x30mm faders to control A, D, S and R segments

Manual Trigger: one button to reset ADSR (shared with LFO)

Output: ADSR has one positive and one negative CV output, further one trigger out at endof attack, one trigger out at end of decay

Input:  1xGate in (>1V), four modulation inputs to control A, D, S, and R segments (0-5V)


  • Output Amplitude: 7,5V (ADSR) / 10VPP (LFO)
  • Frequency Range: LFO 60s – 284Hz /
  • ADSR 0,4ms-10s (Attack); 0,8ms-20s (Decay/Release)
  • Trigger out: 2ms/10V


  • Width: 16 HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 120 mA +12V, 105 mA -12V, 0 mA 5V

DOWNLOAD: Kalyke manual