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DOUBLE ANDORE Mk2 is an amplifier/control module of exceptional character, and a module that gives dynamic amplitude control to two signal channels, by a pair of AD envelope generators normaled to a high-quality dual linear VCA. Each circuit element may be independently patched or used in its normaled configuration, with a mixed audio output available. This module is the keystone of the Harvestman Industrial Electronics voice system.

Improvements over the Mk 1 version

  • Substantially increased signal quality and reliability
  • Decreased panel size to 19HP
  • Dedicated shape control bends the envelope from linear to log or expo
  • Much greater range of cross-modulation
  • Ergonomically literate control layout to facilitate live performance
  • Selectable EOA/EOC output, dedicated output attenuator, envelope VCA amount knob (per channel)
  • Voltage follow/slew modeOther features such as additional envelope stages, envelope mixing, and wavetable-based envelope curves shall become available in the future with a small expansion module.

View Mk1 version here


  • Current draw: 150mA +12V
  • +/-12V Doepfer-style power connector
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Panel size: 19HP