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DubJr Mk2 is a major update to Audio Damage’s first and most popular module. They started with the same delay you already know and love from ADM01 and Dubstation, and added tap tempo, a clock input, and a feedback loop, and squeezed it to 6HP, to make it the perfect delay for live performance.

With up to 1 second of pristine 48kHz/24bit delay time, and both “pitching” resampling and “jumping” non-resampling modes, DubJr Mk2 is an incredibly handy module. It can even do a sort of Karplus-Wrong synthesis if you stick an oscillator in the clock input. (Although, caveat emptor, it is only accurate or, well, interesting over about an octave. After that, your mileage may vary. Wildly.)

When in clocked mode, crazy tempo-synced glitching effects are possible by modulating the TIME/DIV control. The TONE switch defeats the saturation and filtering inherent in the Dubstation delay sound, for a crystal clear delay. The external feedback loop allows you to patch your favorite filter/waveshaper/reverb/chorus/whatever directly in to the feedback loop for further sonic exploration. All in all, a worthy successor to the venerable DubJr, and a must-have for any live performance modular.

  • The TIME/DIV knob controls the delay time. When the MODE switch is in “SYNC” mode, this knob is a divisor for the clock input or tap tempo, in musically useful divisions from 1/4 to x6 of the clock. When the MODE switch is in the “FREE” position, this knob is a direct control of the delay time, and the tap tempo or clock input has no effect.
  • The FEEDBACK knob controls the regeneration of the delayed signal. When an external feedback loop is used, it is an attenuator on the input, and when the internal feedback routing is used, it is a direct level control over the feedback signal.
  • The MIX knob controls the wet/dry mix of the MIX output.
  • The CLOCK input and button control the internal clock when the unit is in SYNC mode. An LED shows the timing of the clock. The CLOCK input will trigger with any input signal over 1V (obviously, a pulse works best here) and will respond accurately up to low audio rates.
  • The MODE switch controls whether the delay algorithm runs in resampling mode or not, and whether it uses its internal clock or the the clock input. When the unit is in FREE mode, the clock input and tap tempo button have no effect.
  • The FEEDBACK output is a 100% wet output, unaffected by the MIX control. The FEEDBACK input, when used, changes the topology of the internal structure to inject this input in place of the internal feedback loop.
  • 48kHz 24 bit audio path with a high-quality Cirrus-Logic AD/DA convertor. 10Vpp CV control over all parameters.
  • USB port (on the PCB board) for easy firmware updates.
  • High-quality 100% Made In The USA construction, including panel-bolted 100,000-cycle BI potentiometers and custom stamped Rogan knobs.
  • Power draw is 40ma from the +12V rail and 9ma from the -12V rail. This module has an on-board regulator and does not require +5V.
  • Module depth is 25mm.
  • Module width 6HP