C105E VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine


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The C105E VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine is a voltage controlled analog sample rate reducer with an internal white noise generator and a voltage controlled high pass filter (12db/octave) with an independent output.

The C105E can be used in many different ways:

  • Sample rate reducer
  • Noise generator
  • Voltage controlled High pass filter
  • Random voltage generator
  • Random trigger generator

The module is based on a Sample and Hold designed to work at audio rates. The internal clock can be CV controlled and it has two ranges of operation:

  • High : from 150Hz up to 40KHz
  • Low : from 65HZ to 0,2Hz

This wide frequency range and two FM inputs ( one with a reversible attenuator ) allows to create subtle digital effects, really harsh Lo-Fi sounds and Random signals.

The noise generator and the internal S&H makes a perfect combination to create pitched noise, very useful to synthesize drums sounds, drones, sound effects etc.

C105 main characteristics

  • Internal white noise generator
  • CV controlled sampling frequency
  • Frequency range : 0.2Hz to 40KHz
  • Voltage controlled 12db/oct High pass filter

The Lo-Fi input is normalized to the internal noise generator.

The C105E Voltage Controlled Noise / Lo-Fi Machine is built using high quality electronic components, Lumberg jacks, E-Switch switches, Cosmo knobs (the same used in the Moog Modulars) , black anodized aluminum front panel…



  • Module Format : Eurorack
  • Module Width : 12 Hp
  • Power : +12V@33mA , -12V@35mA
  • Signal level : 10Vpp ( +/- 5V )

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