261e Complex Waveform Generator


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The 261e Complex Waveform Generator features voltage-controlled modulation of pitch, amplitude, and timbre, and a multi-dimensional, voltage-controlled timbre space. All of the 261e’s timbre processing is performed by analog circuitry, thus eliminating the aliasing that can be introduced by waveshape-table-driven systems.

Both a principal and a modulation oscillators are included.The modulation oscillator can be synchronized to the principal oscillator or to note-on MIDI messages. Its waveshape is voltage controllable, and is continuously variable from sine to pulse. The modulation oscillator can also be set to track the pitch of the principal oscillator with variable offset.

In conjunction with the 225e MIDI Manager, the 261e’s pitches respond to internally-routed MIDI messages. Up to four 261e’s can reside in a single system, with each responding to a unique MID channel (if desired).
261e settings can be memorized and recalled as part of a preset using the 225e or 206e Preset Manager.