µo_C SE (uo_C, Ornament & Crime) [Rev C]



μo_C SE is a multi-purpose module in which a generic set of inputs and outputs are remapped on-the-fly through the use of a number of different built-in apps.

This re-engineered Eurorack module updates and simplifies the classic Ornament & Crime (aka o_C) design by miniaturizing the module from 14HP to 8HP and redesigning the front panel layout without eliminating any functionality.

Fully compatible with upstream o_C firmware. Includes power cable, mounting hardware, and a one-year warranty. Designed and built with care by Tall Dog Electronics in Western Massachusetts. Licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 open source hardware.



  • width: 8HP
  • depth: 31mm
  • power: +12V 85mA (average), -12V 10mA (average)


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Silver, Black