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trunk lines and multiples

This is a 6HP passive Eurorack module that provides eight trunk-line channels and two 4-way multiples.

The eight trunk-line 3.5mm sockets on the front connect to eight 3.5mm sockets at the rear of the module. The rear sockets can be connected either to outboard equipment (mixers, effects, DAW etc.) or to another Trunks & Mults module in the same synth or an adjacent synth.

Why would you need Trunks & Mults?

Trunk lines are useful if you have a large (wide or tall) synth where very long patch leads are required to patch a module on one side to a module that is on the other side. The long patch cables clutter the front of the synth and may even stress the contacts. Using two of these modules connected at the rear by eight long patch cables makes it possible to connect from any point to any other point on a large synth using shorter patch leads on the front. As the rear connectors are 3.5mm jack sockets they maintain signal integrity if you use good quality screened patch leads internally; this will help prevent crosstalk and interference, probably more noticeable on audio signals rather than CVs or gates.

There are two 4-channel multiples that are normalled together (Multiple 1 connects to the switched contact of the top jack in Multiple 2) which offers a 1 in 6 out arrangement or two 1 in 3 out arrangements.

Module width: 6HP
Module depth: 27mm, about 55mm with rear mounted patch cables
Current drain: 0mA (passive)