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4 Voices Drum Module

VEGA is the first module of the Italian company Faselunare. It’s a 6HP, 4 Voices drum module in Eurorack format.

Thinking about what drum module they wanted in their own rack – it had to be small and have multiple functions, with a rhythmic section that would allow you to have multiple sounds simultaneously.

They came up with VEGA – a compact and powerful 6HP module with 4 voices dedicated to percussive sounds with the possibility of having synthesis and samples as a sound source. Each voice therefore has 4 samples (stored on SD card) and 1 synth engine dedicated to specific types of sound (Kick, Snare, Hats x 2). VEGA has 4 Trigger inputs (one for each voice), 1 Random input which randomly triggers individual voices and a high quality audio output.

The unique colour coded user interface is very simple, 4 voice buttons (amber), 1 function button (amber), 2 RGB encoders and a series of colored LEDs for the pages. Thanks to the RGB encoders, LEDs and buttons, you can easily access 12 parameters per voice, 5 presets and a very useful mute function for each voice.


At FASELUNARE (Moon-phase in English), they have a passion for space and sci-fi; Francesco’s Stage name has always been Urbanspaceman and together with Daniele he played and released records as the “Space Aliens From Outer Space”. So that’s why their projects have names inspired by science and science fiction! If you look at an image of the Lyra constellation, you will notice that the 4 buttons of this module are positioned exactly like the 4 stars: Vega (α Lyrae, the brightest), γ Lyrae, β Lyrae and δ Lyrae.

  • 4 Independent digital voices
    Each of the VEGA voices has 2 AUDIO ENGINES, one that works with SAMPLES and one totally SYHNTHESIZED.
  • 2 RGB Encoders
    Thanks to the use of 2 RGB encoders, we have reduced the size of the module to only 6HP.
  • Color coded User Interface
    Using 4 coloured LEDs, we have access to 6 pages of parameters, 2 for each page. Based on the color of the encoders, we will always know which parameters we are acting on.
  • 5 Level Leds
    5 LEDs placed diagonally that indicate the value of the selected parameter.
  • Performance muting
    With a simple key combination you can mute the 4 voices individually to create build-ups and breaks without taking your hands off the rack.
  • Random Trigger
    An additional trigger input allows the creation of random sequences.
  • Presets
    Vega has 5 memory slots that can be used to store the settings of the 4 voices. User can create and store them on the SD card and recall on the fly.
  • width: 6hp
  • depth: 36mm
  • power: +12V @ 10mA, -12V @10mA, +5V @ 280mA