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Toggle is a quad flip flop with a normalized logic inverter per output. Have you ever used a whole clock divder for a simple toggle function? With the toggle you can use one just one flip flop section to handle this and have three more to spare while saving your dedicated divder for other tasks. Have you ever wanted a smarter way to drive direction circuits of certain sequencers (and the router)? Toggle can easily be patched to add a ping-pong mode to some of your favorite sequencers. Have you ever wanted more options and inverted outputs on your dedicated clock divider/multiplier? Toggle has plenty of functionality to enhance any logic or sequencing system. What if all of your dividers are used up and you need a divide by 4, 8 or 16 output? Toggle can be patched to create all of these with inversions of them at the same time!

Toggle will compliment any system and add more possibilities to your patches. Another useful tool to add to your sonic toolbox!

user manual download

clock, set and reset input threshold ~ +2v inverter
input threshold ~ +1.1v
clock frequency tested up to ~30kHz with 50% duty cycle square wave
outputs when active ~ +10v

supply voltage: +/-12v, 5v not used
current draw: +37mA, -34mA

width: 10hp
depth: 47.4mm, with connector