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Terminal combines two lopass-gates with two voltage controlled function generators and an internal small stereo-mixer with panning and a headphone output. A voltage controllable digital reverb complements the features of this multi–functional module.

Airplane A and B: Two identical, voltage controlled function generators with AD/AR/loop modes; mode is selectable by “trip selector” switch. Attack and decay time (aka departure and arrival) manually controllable; the CV inputs have bipolar attenuators. With the CV inputs unused you can used for set the curve of each segment from exponential to logarithmic with the bipolar attenuators without stretching the duration of the slope!
“Check-in” is a gate input; “end of stage(s) emits a pulse after finishing decay or release stage.
The function generators are digital, with 12Bit resolution and 30kHz sampling rate. As the frequency range goes to 15kHz iwth linear curve characteristic you can use them as VCOs and play 1V/octave via the “key in” Each function generator has two outputs: an unipolar (0V to 8V) and a bipolar (-5V to +5v). “Relative B height” blends between both function generators and also has unipolar and bipolar outputs.

Gates: to be exact these aren’t classic lopass gates but vactrol-controlled filter/VCA combinations with a Sallen-Key filter type. Each has an audio input with level control and a CV input with bipolar attenuator. Play with channel A’s phase control and patch it to channel B to create bandpass effects.

The gate’s signals are mixed internally and can feature voltage controlled panning when used with the stereo headphone output.
“Cabin Pressure” is a digital reverb/echo effect with few reflections, a manually or CV-controllable reverb tail of up to 5 seconds, a 12Bit resolution and 30kHz sampling rate. You can create rhythmic effects when using the “tap” input.

The Terminal has plenty normalizations like internal modulation from the function generators to the gates, which can be configured using jumpers.


  • per function generator: trigger input (“check-in”), CV inputs für departure, landing and both (“key”), end of stage(s) pulse output, 2 signal outputs (“exits”; one unipolar, one bipolar)
  • per lopass gate: audio in, CV in
  • mix/reverb/out: channel A out, pan CV in, reverb CV in and “tap in”, mix output, stereo headphone output


  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Power: max current draw 185mA @ +12V and 115mA @ -12V