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A 5 stage analog sequencer with the ability to transpose the sequence with an external voltage applied to the transpose input. Also, signals can be routed and selected with two 5:1 selectors. Any stage can be jumped to with stage select inputs and front panel buttons or selected with analog voltage.


The Sequence Selector is a five stage analog sequencer htat provides gate inputs and outputs on all stages. It is possible to jump directly to any stage, eliminating the need for a reset.

Patching the stage’s output (the socket placed against a red background at the top of the stage) to another stage’s Stage Select input of another stage allows for shorter sequences that go from any stage to any stage.

A clock signal at the Advance input or pressing the button will make the sequencer move one stage forward.

The sequencer’s stages can be addressed via a voltage at the Analog In. As long as the voltage is zero Volts, the sequencer will not be influenced. When the incoming CV is greater than 100mV, the clocking is overridden and the stages are selected by the CV only.

Besides the individual pulse outputs for each stage the sequencer also contains a main gate output which is controlled by the white switches at each stage.

A control voltage at the transpose input is mixed with the CV generated by the sequencer and allows for transposing the sequence, e.g. for arpeggio-like effects.

Below the faders two 5-to-1 switches (signal selector a and b) are located which are coupled to the sequencer. Per switch unit one of the input signals is emitted at the a, respectively b output. The active input depends on the selected stage.


per step: step select trigger input, gate out, two switch inputs

global: common gate output, CV output, transpose input, address CV input, switch outputs a and b, advance trigger input


  • 3U Eurorack module
  • 16HP wide, 26mm deep
  • current draw: 50 mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V