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4-pole filter with CV-controlled resonance and integrated VCA

Ripples delivers a big sounding four-pole filter in a small 8-HP package, continuing Mutable Instruments’ lineage of warm and tasty filters started by the Shruthi-1 SMR4 mkII and 4-Pole Mission.

3 filter modes are available:
* 2-pole band-pass
* 2-pole low-pass
* 4-pole low-pass

Self-oscillation is available for all modes and produces a clean sine-wave on the LP4 output. Unlike many classic 4-pole designs, this filter does not suffer from “loudness drop” when resonance is increased. The resonance loudness compensation circuit brings a slight tone coloration reminiscent of the Roland SH/Jupiter filters, with a very round and “liquid” resonance.

The 4-pole low-pass output is additionally sent to a VCA. This makes Ripples a good “final stage” module for an inexpensive/space-constrained subtractive synthesis synth voice.


* Signal in

* Frequency CV 1 (1V/Oct)

* Resonance CV

* Frequency CV 2 (with bipolar attenuator, from -1V/Oct to 1V/Oct)

* VCA level


* Cutoff frequency, 18Hz to 18kHz

* Resonance

* Attenuverter on Frequency CV 2


* 2-pole BP

* 2-pole LP

* 4-pole LP

* 4-pole LP attenuated by VCA

Tech Specification:

* Frequency CV inputs impedance: 100k.

* Audio input impedance: 75k.

* Resonance and VCA CV input impedance: 30k.

* Open-source hardware.

* 8-HP.

* Current consumption: +12V: 35mA ; -12V: 35mA.