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Rooted in the California modular tradition, the Random Sampling is a selection of random voltage sources to add an element of uncertainty to both audio and control paths. Some of them classics, and some new twists. Included are 2 fluctuating randoms capable of slowly varying voltage or sweepable audio noise, each with an uncorrelated random gate output.

A two output, up to 6 bit digital stored random voltage source. White, pink and metallic (TR- 808 cymbal type) audio noise.

A 4 stage analog shift register where each sample & hold can be broken out of the chain to be used separately.


Fluctuating Random:

These two identical sections generate a constantly varying random voltage whose rate of change is set with fluctuation rate and with a control voltage. Its rate goes into audio range, resulting in a sort of pitchable and tonally playable noise.

Besides that a random gate signal is generated, not depending on or derived from the random CV, i.e. a gate is not produced only at high voltages but totally arbitrary, useful for triggerred random melodies.

Quantized Random:

The random voltages in this section are generated by a digital 6 bit circuitry which emits a variable number of stored CV values. The number of possible states is depending on the output and the setting of the voltage controllable Quantization parameter. For instance: if n = 3, output 2ⁿ will play eight values (2³ = 8) and output n+1 four values (3+1 = 4).

Analog Shift Register:

An extremely rare function in Eurorack is an analog shift register (ASR), virtually a multistage, cascaded sample & hold which passes its outpout to the input to the next S&H stage at a trigger or when pressing the button. If several identically tuned VCOs are connected to the ASR the played melody is delayed at each output and the VCO’s play in a canon. Very easy trick for creating arabesques.

Each sample & hold can be broken out of the cascaded chain to be used separately. For this reason each S&H has one input, one output and a trigger input.

Noise Source:

Here you find three sound sources: white noise, pink noise and metallic noise. Latter is a mix of square wave oscillators with different, fixed frequencies and it resembles the TR-808’s cowbell/cymbal sound source.


per Fluctuating Random: Rate CV input, random CV output, random gate output

Quantized Random: trigger input, quantization CV input, 2ⁿ output, n+1 output

Analog Shift Register: global trigger input, 4 CV inputs, 4 trigger inputs, 4 S&H outputs

Noise Source: outputs for white, pink and metallic noise


  • 3U Eurorack module
  • 18 HP wide, 26mm deep
  • current draw: 120mA @ +12V and 80mA @ -12V