Noise Source


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Noise Source.
This module provides a number of noise types that, on their own range from low-frequency rumble (brown noise) to rushing air (blue noise). Combined with an envelope generator and filter, any number of drum sounds can be synthesised.
The Pink and Brown noises have a lower cut-off frequency of a few Hz, so they can also be used as an LFO source – the brown noise looks more like a slowly wandering voltage, with little content in the audio range.
440Hz Reference.
A perfect addition to any synthesiser, enabling fast and accurate tuning of VCO’s. Either mixing the VCO output with the 440Hz tone and tuning for no amplitude modulation, or clocking a sample & hold and tuning for zero-frequency, tuning can be trimmed even in a live situation.

When there is no jack inserted into the 440Hz socket the tone is disabled internally to ensure that it cannot interfere with the rest of the instrument.


  • Module Depth: 42mm
  • Power Connector: Doepfer 10-pin shrouded header
  • Current Consumption: +12 Volts, 20mA, -12 Volts, 20mA
  • Reverse-Power Protection: Yes
  • Panel Width: 4HP (20mm)
  • Panel Options: White glass-epoxy with blue screen-printing