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Triple Mode MIDI to CV Converter

The Midi2 converts standard midi note messages into the analog control voltages used by modular synthesizers.  This allows a modular synthesizer to be controlled by a midi keyboard, sequencer, or DAW.

The two sets of Gate (GT) outputs can be used to trigger envelope generators by providing a voltage of +5v.  The Control Voltage (CV) outputs produce precisely 1volt per octave over a range of 10 octaves.  Control Voltage outputs (CV1 and CV2) respond to pitch bend control messages without any additional patching.

The midi channel is assigned based on the first midi note is received. The two lights on the Midi2 module will change from solid, to blinking, to off. This indicates a midi channel has been assigned and the module is ready to use.

The Midi2 module has 3 distinct modes of operation:

Monophonic – Monophonic mode works great when using a modular as a single voice synthesizer. Gate2 and CV2 outputs mirror the outputs of Gate1 and CV1. Monophonic mode retriggers the gate with each new note played. To change this response to the classic trigger gate mode press C3 when assigning the midi channel.

Duophonic – The Midi2 module uses the two sets of Gate and CV outputs to allow two notes to be played simultaneously. The first midi note is sent to the Gate1 and CV1 outputs and the second is sent to the Gate2 and CV2 outputs. Duophonic mode is perfect when working with a two voice modular synthesizer.

Dual Monophonic – Gate 2 and CV2 outputs are controlled by a different midi channel than the Gate 1 and CV 1 Outputs.  Dual Monophonc mode allows a modular to be controlled by two separate sets of midi data.  This mode works well when using a modular as two single voice synthesizers.


GT1 Output – Note on = Gate high (+5v), Note off = gate low (0v)

CV1 Output – 1 volt per octave voltage derived from note played on keyboard.

GT2 Output – Note on = Gate high (+5v), Note off = gate low (0v)

CV2 Output – 1 volt per octave voltage derived from note played on keyboard.

Sync Output – Outputs gate based on beat 1 of the incoming midi clock.

Midi Input – Input jack for a standard 5-pin midi cable.


Size: 6hp
Depth: 35mm
Power Usage: 40mA