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Based on the original The Jellyfish, The Jellyfish V2 Modular is a PT2399 based delay in eurorack format. It includes an input pot with saturation red led, a mix section, a LFO with an external output, Time, Fine and Feedback controls with infinite feedback, a sync input! and lots of modulation possibilities.


  • IN: attenuator for the incoming signal. The associated red led will start to glow just a few mV before the signal is clipping inside the delay IC. Note that when extreme feedback is used the led will glow independently of the incoming signal.
  • WET & DRY: mix pots for the signals. WET control the amount of delay sent to the output while DRY sends the input signal directly to the out.
  • TIME & FINE: delay time pots. The main control of the module. Turn it to get delay times from 27 to 570 mseg. NOTE: When powering up the machine these controls can not be in it’s lower position or the IC will not work. Turn it up a little bit before.
  • FDBCK: feedback control. This is the amount of delayed signal that is send again inside the delay. It goes from 1 repetition to infinite.
  • RATE: The frequency of the LFO.
  • DEPTH: The amount of LFO signal that is sent to the time parameter of the delay. Very useful for create vibrato effects or other crazy deep sea sounds. -WAVE: choose between a square or triangle wave for the LFO. -CV TIME: attenuator for the incoming CVT signal.
  • CV FDBCK: attenuator for the incoming CVF signal.
  • CV WET: attenuator for the incoming CVW signal.


  • IN & OUT: input and output audio signals for the module. DC coupled.
  • SEND & RETURN: path between the feedback section. When a jack is plugged the delay signal is cut. Use for connect other effects here and transform the delayed signal. Connect another Jellyfish here crossing it’s send and returnconnections to create the Xdelay function from the desktop one. Connect a chain of effects. Or just connect a pair of diodes pointing to ground to saturate and smooth the delayed sound.
  • LFO: output of the LFO as its full amplitude. It not responds to the depth knob.
  • SYNC: insert a clock signal here and delay will clock to it. 256 steps. Any square wave between 0 and 5V will do the job. Note that the wave length of the clock signal must be inside the delay parameters. If note it will clock to its max or min position. Experiment with different signals. Signals higher to 5V or lower than 0 will not affect the delay.
  • CVT, CVF & CVW: modulation inputs that will add to the Time, Feedback and Wet controls. The real power for the modular version. Experiment with it as much as you can!


  • width: 17HP eurorack format.
  • power: +12v / -12V power supply. (5V internal regulator) 61mA@12V, 54mA@-12V