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8-bit Preamp / FX / Noise

The WMD Geiger Counter generates hundreds of entirely new face-melting sounds. A high gain modern preamp drives an 8 bit computer, creating sounds which range from nice tubey overdrive, lofi aliasing, hot gated leads to total madness – impossible amounts of gain, multiple octave foldover, harsh digital data errors, and piercing sculpted noise. This is NOT a digital modelling module, it turns the fundamentals of digital into a source of extreme distortion.


  • High Gain Modern Preamp
  • Preamp Attenuator
  • Direct Input
  • Dramatic Tone Control with Disable
  • Sample Rate from 260Hz to 200kHz
  • 1 to 8 Bit Depth with Mask mode
  • 252 Wave Table Modulator
  • CV of Sample Rate
  • CV of Bit Depth
  • CV of Wave Table
  • Always saves settings
  • Top Quality Components
  • Anodized and epoxy screen printed


  • width: 10HP
  • depth: 30mm
  • power: 60 mA +12V, 60 mA -12V, 0 mA 5V

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