FSR-4 Quad Classic


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The FSR-4 is Synthwerks’ first release in its upcoming series of modules based on Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology. The FSR-4 Classic uses through-hole parts and has socketed ICs for easier user modification and in the field repair if needed. These modules translate the pressure the performer applies to the sensing pads to user adjustable scalable control voltage and adjustable threshold dependent gate signal. The FSR-4 has four identical circuits and can produce four independent pressure outputs. The pressure sensors are non-capacitance based, respond to any direct pressure, are not affected by skin resistance, and never need cleaning or polishing. You can even play them while wearing gloves or by pressing on them with other objects. Rubber pads and other textured surfaces can be placed on top of the sensors to make a user defined custom feel to the playing surface. Internal jumpers allow any of one the 4 channel gate or pressure outputs to be routed to the standard CV and gate bus (only one of each should be connected this way).


  • Current Consumption: 90 mA
  • Panel size: 16HP