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The FSR-2P is another release in Synthwerks’ growing series of modules based on Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) technology. These modules allow the performer to translate the pressure applied to the sensing pads into controllable signals usable by their modular system. The Force Sensing Resistor pressure sensor is a non-capacitance based polymer thick film technology, responding to any direct pressure. They are not affected by skin resistance, are water resistant, and never need cleaning or polishing. As force is applied to the sensor, the device’s electrical resistance decreases and the FSR-2P’s circuit passes the signal. The FSR-2P has two 1.5” square FSR force sensors that are wired directly to two sets of 1/8” jacks. The FSR-2P is a passive module. There are no active electronics in the module and it consumes no power and is not connected to the power bus. The module can pass both audio (AC) and control voltage (DC) signals with output levels proportional to the force applied to the associated pads. With no force applied the FSR appears to the circuit as an approximately 10 Meg resistor. The Jacks and FSRs are mounted to a 14 HP rotatable panel. The panel graphics are so that the panel can be rotated to choose left-handed or Right handed operation. Specification:-

  • Panel size: 14HP