ESX-8GT Gate Expander for ES-4/ES-5


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Previously known as ES-4 Gate Expander, the ESX-8GT is a Eurorack module that works in tandem with the ES-4 & ES-5 to offer 8 on/off outputs for use as gates, triggers, clocks etc.

Up to five ESX-8GT Gate Expanders can be attached to one ES-4/ES-5 – one per module channel. (The 8 outputs of the Gate Expander reflect the 8 bits of CV information passed to the modules’s DACs.) Therefore you can combine the modules to create a system with up to 40 independent gate outputs – all driven from a single S/PDIF connection.


The ES-4 Gate Expander’s specifications are as follows:

  • Panel width: 4HP
  • Module depth: 24mm
  • Analogue outputs: 8x 3.5mm jacks, DC-coupled
  • Output voltages: 0V/5V or 0V/12V, selectable via jumper in groups independently for channels 1-4 and 5-8
  • Indicators: LED per channel

The front panel is drilled for both Doepfer and Analogue Systems mounting holes (using a ‘slot’ rather than a single round hole).

For more detail, please see the user manual.