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8-Track 16-Step Trigger Sequencer

8 tracks, global and individual lenght, store and recall your patterns, song modes, shuffle, master and slave clock, x-y step activation and, first in the market: 4 CV input to change parameters and behaviours on the fly and much more!

If you need a step sequencer for your drum modules, triggering needs and many other things, this is the most potent sequencer out there, fullstop.

Soundmachines DC1drumcomputer is a powerful drum sequencer that includes traditional functions, storage and recall functions and an innovative CV control of many (most!) parameters of the sequences via four totally configurable inputs.

The led matrix display shows at first glance the pattern and the active steps and the user can easily insert hits via two encoders (in an X-Y fashion).
The display is also used for the configuration of the module by clearly identifying functions and values in a textual way.


» 8 track x 16 step step sequencer
» 128 memory loccations for patterns
» song modes, fill-in patterns, loop (concationations) modes
» variable tempo, shuffle and trigger length
» global and individual track length
» internal or external clock and reset (with ext clock divider)
» configurable pattern’s parameter locks in song and loop mode
» four CV inputs for real time sequencer modifications. Examples:
tempo, shuffle
pattern loop
track rolls (3 types) o track mute
trigger length
beat density
random beat
random pattern
» Micro SD card for firmware upgrade and patterns storage


  • power: 60 mA +12V, 60 mA -12V, 0 mA 5V
  • width: 20hp
  • depth: 38mm

Please have a look at the manual. Have an idea of what it can do.


LATEST FW UPDATE: Added PLL and Euclidean sequencer mode

Download Here: DC1 FIRMWARE 2.4


Video: House Beat tutorial (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Modular Trap Step (by Joao Ceser)

VIdeo: Modular CV jam (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Presets (by Joao Ceser)

Video: Demo1

Video: Demo2

Video: Demo3