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The CVP packs a ton of power into 4hp. It features several circuits for processing a CV signal: an offset generator, a slew limiter, an inverting attenuator, and a buffered multiple. The processor is carefully hand-trimmed to accurately pass 1v/oct signals and the outputs are buffered, making this an ideal module for adding portamento to pitch CVs or for distributing sensitive voltages to several inputs without any voltage drop.

The offset generator provides a +/-5v offset which operates independently from the input signal – thus it is possible to generate a voltage at the outputs with nothing at the input. The slew limiter is located after both other controls, meaning it will slew not only the input signal but also any manual changes to the offset. The inverting attenuator works only on the input signal, thus it will not interfere with any offset you may have applied. And finally there is the buffered multiple, marked “–>” on the front panel. The signal at this jack is an exact copy of the input signal and is not affected by any of the panel controls. Like the main outputs it is fully buffered and can be sent to several inputs without any signal drop.


  • Power consumption: 16mA @ +12v, 16mA @ -12v
  • depth: 38mm
  • Panel size: 4HP