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CV Tools is a 12HP versatile voltage processor inspired by the ARP2600 voltage processor but with additional flexibility. It comprises a 4-channel polarizing cascade mixer and a slew limiter. The mixer can be used with control voltages, gates and audio signals.

It is the cascade architecture of the 4-channel polarizing mixer section that leads to its versatility: 2, 3 or 4-channel polarised mixing; 1, 2, 3 or 4 separate polarising gain/attenuating channels. The configuration is determined entirely by how you connect patch leads to the inputs and outputs. Each channel has gain and with normalled voltage references on each channel allows mixing (adding, subtracting, inversion and attenuation), offsetting and clipping (for harmonic generation).

The slew limiter section allows you to add a touch of portamento (lag, glide) to your CV or you can slug it so that it takes over a second to change from one note to another.


  • Screen-printed clear-anodised panel
  • Current Consumption: 20mA max – 5V is not required
  • Panel size: 12HP